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Keeping our communities safe

Who we are

BushfireLIVE BushfireLIVE Pty Ltd is the Australian
subsidiary of Alert Wildfire Systems. The company operates the world’s largest dedicated bushfire camera network.


BushfireLIVE has been established to provide the same services in Australia

What We Do

The ALERTWildfire camera network currently covers six states on the West Coast of America.

We have over 750 cameras currently deployed to protect communities. Plans are in place to grow the fleet to over 1,000.


In Australia we are working with local partners to implement a Proof of Concept and expect to be able to announce details of this implementation in the near future.

How It Works

The cameras are connected to a public website which can be viewed by both the fire agencies and the general public.



The cameras are Axis Q-6075E Pan/Tilt/Zoom. They can continuously turn and the zoom is 40x. This gives a superb ability to zoom in from a mountain top to a fire that is 30, 40 or more km away.

No Longer Working Blind

For the first time the fire agencies can see what is happening in real time. Our imagery is a real game changer:



  • They can confirm the fire actually exists when it is called in on a 000 call
  • They can identify exactly where the fire is. At present only 1 in 5 fires are accurately reported according to the experts
  • They can immediately determine the best resources to deploy, and despatch the same. This allows aircraft to quickly apply retardant around the fire and contain it. The pilots and observers in the aircraft can also view the fire while on the way to it and determine the best approach for their run
  • The volunteers on the fire trucks can see what the fire is doing when they are on the way to the fire and while on the fireground
  • And the cameras provide ongoing situational awareness to help manage the fire




Core Platform for Fire Detection and Management

Our platform provides the foundation or enabling layer for AI fire detection. We provide the validation of that detection. We provide the imagery for fire perimeter mapping.




All of these technologies are discussed on our website.See more under Service

Fire Chief Cox: "It's a game changer"

Hard to imagine fires today without @Alertwildfire.  This network of cameras provides instant intel for firefighters.  Proud of all the people behind the hard work to get the system running and keeping it maintained, it’s a game changer”  

Jonathon Cox, Calfire