Our cameras are funded by various interested parties. In this section we look at some of them and discuss the business case

The Fire Service

The primary focus of our camera network is bushfire detection, validation and management. As such the fire agency will always be the primary user of our cameras and as such will also fund some cameras.

By looking to other interested parties to also fund parts of the camera network, it is possible to spread the load and bring everyone together to help protect the communities that we all serve.

We discuss the different business cases on the following pages for:

Other Services

Other Emergency Services also benefit from the camera network. This includes:

  • Fire & Rescue
  • State Emergency Services
  • Ambulance

The Business Case

The business case for an investment in BushfireLIVE cameras will vary from industry to industry, but will typically include these factors:

  • Fire prevention is better and more cost effective than the alternative of rebuilding after the fire eventThe investment is a defence against any liability and civil or government action for causing a fire
  • The impact of any fire can be minimised where it is fought more effectively
  • The investment provides a common view that can be shared across all agencies
  • The fire agency will naturally prioritise alloction of assets such as LATs to those incidents where they can immediately and accurately assess the need and benefit
  • In the fire season the whole country will look at the camera network. Each camera has the logo of the organisation that funds it displayed in the top right corner. Its a very effective form of advertsising and sends the message that your organisation is out there protecting the communities you serve.