Fire Management

Speed Is Essential

The faster you respond to a fire when it starts the greater the opportunity to put it out before it takes hold. Every minute of delay increases the opportunity for the fire to take hold and damage our community and assets.

With BushfireLIVE you are often going to get fires reported faster and sometimes in only a minute or two after ignition.  The biggest time gain is that you can immediately verify on the cameras:


  • that there is a fire
  • the current extent of the fire
  • you can deploy the resources that you need to immediately contain the fire and ultimately extinguish it

We have a huge investment in aerial firefighting in Australia and the BushfireLive cameras allow you to leverage this investment and immediately commit aerial resources when they are needed.

Decision Support - Resource Deployment

You only have one LAT and multiple helicopters. With BushfireLIVE you can see what is happenning on the ground and make the right decision:

  • To leave helicopters working with deployed RFS teams, or
  • Pull the teams out and send the LAT in

And sometimes you will need to decide whether to utilise the LAT on target A or Target B. It really helps when you, and your aerial crews, can see what is going on.

Working With Firefighters on the Ground

Under the present system deployed crews will provide Fire Control with a Situation Report based on what they can see when they get to the fireground.

Unless they are on a ridge top they will be unlikely to have a clear view of the fire, nor understand the extent of the fire, but the information that they provide is often the only information fire control has to use to make decisions.

With BushfireLIVE both Fire Control and the team leader can get the same view of the fire and make better informed decisions.

Decision Support - Evacuation

You need a clear understanding of the fire and its path before asking people to evacuate and start to close roads etc. You also need to know that evacuation routes are clear to avoid people getting trapped in their cars.
BushfireLIVE gives you that vision.