Camera Operation

Camera Controls

This section of the website provides an overview of the camera control provided to the operator

Pan and Tilt

The Pan and Tilt controls on the camera are operated by either double clicking on the spot on the screen that you want the camera to move to, or using the arrow control in the yellow circle.

Other Camera Settings

At the time of implementation of the camera we also complete a number of other settings:

  • Calibrate
    Calibrate the camera for North and establish pre-sets for the compass quadrants
    This allows the operator to get the camera to immediately point in the chosen direction and they can then fine tune the PTZ to point directly on the fire
  • Privacy
    Pixellate out houses and any other area where privacy may be of concern. See the example below where two properties at the foot of the picture have been pixellated

Secure Logon

Each approved operator in the fire agency or infrastructure partner receives a secure logon to the cameras in their area.  When they logon to a camera their name appears at the bottom of the display for that camera.


The examples below show the camera zoomed out and then zoomed in to the lake just past the tree line.  This is at 20x zoom