Other Applications


The cameras are not only an essential firefighting tool at a resort but can also form part of the resorts marketing effort by providing a high quality webcam feed for potential visitors to check out the resort.
Most ski resorts are also developing their summer season trade looking for bush walkers and mountain bike riders to come and visit at a time when the bushfire threat is at its greatest.

Quarry Mountain was the site of the Winter Olympics

Local Councils & Communities

Local councils have a responsibility to their communities and may choose to fund a camera or cameras in strategic locations.
In the same way as the cameras assist resorts, they can attract tourists to a community to the overall benefit of all.


The loss of telecommunications, especially mobile services can have life threatening implications during bushfires. Telstra’s Andy Penn estimated their costs for lost infrastructure from bushfires in 2019/2020 to have been around $50 million plus a further $10 million in assistance to communities.