Parks & Forests

National Parks

Our National Parks services are the guardians of our bushland and the flora and fauna they contain. They are also an integral part of our bushfire fighting resources and need to work closely with other agencies in times of bushfire.
Our cameras can provide a view that is shared across all agencies and assist in the co-ordination of their efforts.

Forest Corporations

Like National Parks the Forestry corporations also employ their own fire fighters and need to integrate their resources with those of other agencies.
In 2019/2020 890,000 hectares of native State forrests and 65,000 hectares of State forests were impacted by fire in NSW alone.
While softwoods that have been impactrd by fire are salvageable, it is preferable that they are not burnt in the first place.
BuishfireLIVE cameras would be of great assistance to their operations.