The Service and How It Works

World's Largest Bushfire Camera Network

We have over 780 cameras currently installed in the USA and Australia and have developed our service to help fire agencies detect fires faster and put them out faster and to help keep our communities informed.

Speed Is Essential

The faster we can respond to a fire when it starts the greater the opportunity to put it out before it takes hold.
Every minute of delay increases the opportunity for the fire to take hold and damage our community and assets.
We’re seeing 000 calls being placed by the community within a minute of a fire starting and in the fire season in California we’re looking to get an immediate aerial response by keeping aircraft in the air during bad fire days.

The Community

Situational Awareness is critical for the community. The Community View allows members of the public to access the website and:

  • Select a camera either from the thumbnails or the map

  • Open the camera view in full screen

  • Play a timelapse back showing 15 minutes, 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours playback

  • Turn the Camera Target On which draws a line from the camera in the direction n which it is pointed

  • Triangulate the view of two cameras

  • At their intersection obtain the GPS co-ordinates which can be repoted via a 000 call to the fire service

The public effectively provides a fire watch program for the fire agency and is also able, by using the website correctly, to more accurately report the fire and the fire location.


The Fire Service

The fire service view allows the agency to access both the public website and the camera live feed.  They can:

  • Do everything the public can do including generating the  GPS coordinates
  • Select and logon to a camera
  • Pan tilt and zoom the image up to 40x
  • Directly access a number of preset positions for faster camera movement
  • Manage focus and brightness settings

The Camera Operation page provides further details on this capability.

Infrastructure Owner

The infrastructure owner has the same ability as the fire service to access the live feed of the cameras and to use the information to help protect their assets.

We discuss the camera network application in the following areas:

These are all in the Applications Section.

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