The Community View

You can help keep is all safe

Your eyes and our cameras are the best way we can all be kept safe from bushfires.
The faster you spot a fire and the more accurately you can report it to 000, the faster we can get it put out!

The Website View

Check out the Greater Tahoe page below. This is the view you get when you access our camera site.  If you click on either the blue camera triangle on the map, or on the camera thumbnail below that you will select a camera which will appear in the viewing pane on the top left.

There are two buttons on the top left hand side of this view. The double arrow button makes the picture fullscreen; it will either replace the map if you have the browser in a window or it will appear full screen on your display if your browser is in full screen mode.

The play button brings up a time lapse menu and you can play back 15 minutes or 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours. This allows you to see what a fire has done over a period of time.

When a Fire has Started

Keep an eye on the fire using our cameras.
If your Bush Fire Plan is to evacuate you will need to make sure that your evacuation route is open. Beware that spotting can occur a long way ahead of the fire front.
If you choose to stay and defend your property you will need to know when the fire is near enough to turn on sprinklers and start to wet things down

You're looking for a wisp of smoke

You can see smoke really easily on the cameras. So keep an eye out for cameras in your area and follow the instructions on the left for reporting it

If You Spot a Fire

You need to do two things:

  •  Check it hasn’t been reported on Fires Near Me or equivalent app in your state
  • Tru to get an exact location before you call 000

The best way to get an exact location is to go to the map, click the camera and turn the camera target on. This will produce a line from the camera in the direction that it is pointing. If you can go to another camera and turn its target on this will help you to identify pretty much exactly where the fire is.

Click on the telescopic sight button on the upper right of the map and it will give you the option of entering an address or picking the spot on the map with the pointer. If you pick the spot with the pointer it will display the GPS coordinates as per the example in the picture below.

Make a note of this when you call 000.