Electricity & Gas Utilities

San Diego Gas & Electric have gone further than most utilities in hardening their system to withstand fire and in being proactive in detecting and respopnding to fire. They have installed our cameras extensively and they make a number of key points:

  • They can monitor local conditions and where warranted reduce or shut off loads ahead of a fire incident
  • They can confirm a fire and its extent immediately and respond accordingly
  • The camera vision provides situational awareness to first responders and their controllers
  • The vision is invaluable in determining evacuation requirements for communities
  • Click on the picture below to see a great video showing how they prepare for fire and respond to it.

This longer video provides further background showing how SDG&E integrate their services with fire agencies and their communities.
We believe our experiences working with partners like SDG&E are applicable to Australia.

SDG&E Case Study

We have created thus case study of SDG&E and all the initiatives they have created to help protect their communities from fire:

Case Study SDG&E v2